Manpower Services

We offer

Residential Manpower

Be it indoor cleaning, painting works, gardening, toilet sanitizing or plumbing works, we provide highly trained staffs to do all kind of Domestic works.  We have sufficient resources to meet your requirement as well. 

We offer

Commercial Manpower

We have experienced staffs available for all types of requirements. Let it be Construction work, carpentry work or Hospitality jobs, we got it covered

We offer

Background Verification

We offer Background verification, which is a process many individuals/organizations carry out in order to verify the information provided by person. It may be a job offer, a financial settlement or even a marriage proposal,  It involves various checks in which we will go through their family details, education records, employment details, identity checks and address checks. It takes up to 10 working days to carry out the process and sometimes it may take more time when the client is looking for in-depth information.

If your requirement is not listed above or looking for a tailored service option, do let us know